Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bushwalking with Bryce in the Worrigee Nature Reserve

Just down the road from our house is the Worrigee Nature Reserve. So, since Bryce doesn't start school (Kindie) until Monday - we have been spending some quality time over the past few days. We have been to the movies to see Big Hero 6; had lunch out a cafe; finished some work around the house and lawn; and lately, set out on a bushwalk (with a packed lunch to keep Bryce excited and willing to go!)

We were hoping to see kangaroos on our walk (and other interesting creatures and things!)

Wow! We found the roos, alright! 
(This is a 10 minute walk from our house)

Huge termite mounds!

Almost a 5km bushwalk! Way to go, Bryce.

A beautiful rainbow to end a great day!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Top 5 Aussie Lingo

Well, we have been in Australia for 1 month now - so I thought I would take a moment to share what my five top words or expressions are (so far);

1. heaps - "really" "very" "alot" "so much." This has to be the favourite right now. It's fun to hear and even more fun to say. Liam and Bryce have even started saying "heeeeps" to get a laugh out of Chy and I. "It's heaps nice." "we've got heaps of bargains"

2. no worries - "you're welcome" "not a problem" "that's alright" "it was nothing" It is next to impossible to ignore the laid-back attitude and nature of aussies when everyone seems to tell you that it's "no worries." Still waiting for one day when in conversation I'm told, "ah that's a worry." It would have to be catastrophic to throw the aussies off their relaxed game!

3. mackas - "mcdonalds" "the golden arches" "mickey ds" "mcraunchies" "the raunch" No matter how you say it, it's still a quick and relatively "safe" to eat (no matter where you are in the world). Great to locate when on the road with kids (especially if there is a play place to bribe the kids with as a way of getting them to eat all their food). Fun to say..."mackas." Tv commercials and even the advertising and signs in public use this word.

4. chooks - chickens (both referring to them when alive or as a meat) Not much to say about this one - but it was one of the first words that I missed when speaking to our aussie neighbours. I wasn't sure what the "chooks" were - nor could I figure out what kind of sandwich I was about to order...

5. fair dinkum (fair, or maybe, true) - We're still tryin' to figure out how to use this one in proper context (and without laughing).

***Honourable mentions: capsicums (peppers), arvo (afternoon), good onya! (well done!)

Wakeboarding on the Clyde River

Over the Australia Day long weekend, we were invited down to visit with our neighbours (Brett, Gabby and Izzy) near Bateman's Bay for some long weekend fun. We spent most of the day in a gorgeous boat trying our luck at wakeboarding and enjoying the Clyde River. 

The sun was hot! The company was fantastic!

Bryce and Liam watching Izzy wakeboarding (they were impressed!)

Liam preparing for the water

Learning how to signal when you fall - to let the boat know where you are

Bryce had a turn at driving the boat

So much fun and a great way to spend some of the long weekend with friends! Can't wait to do some more wakeboarding and have Chy-Anne give it a go as well! Thanks to Brett, Gabby and Izzy for their hospitality!

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Blue Mountains - Our "Scenic World" Adventure

We left beautiful Sydney and headed west towards Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. "Scenic World" was our destination and it did not disappoint!

While riding the Skyway, our tour guide told us the aboriginal story about the 3 sisters (rock formations shown below) and how the father (a witch doctor) was worried about his 3 daughters being killed by a Bunyip - so he used his magical bone to turn them into these 3 rocks. He then turned himself into a Lyrebird to escape the Bunyip himself - but dropped the magic bone - and now you will find him scratching and digging at the ground in the Blue Mountains searching for his magic stick so he can change his daughters back to human form and free himself. An interesting story and it became even more so when we spotted (and video captured) a Lyrebird on our Rainforest walk down below in the trees digging at the ground:)

"The Three Sisters" 

"Orphan Rock"

Amazing cliff-side hiking trails

Stunning views

A long way down in steep stairs

Lots of exercise!

No one seems to be afraid of heights (that's good!)

Cardio workout!

Careful steps, boys!

Love those rock formations!


Bryce asked me to take his picture posing like this

One of the 3 different transportation methods we experienced (this is the Scenic Skyway)

Pretty waterfalls

World's steepest railway!

The Indiana Jones Theme Song played as the train began to descend. Liam loved that!

The smiles just before the screams!

A rare full family photo on the original train carts

To our amazement, this area used to be a coal mine. So the boys were very excited to have a look at all the old tools, buildings and mining-related exhibits.

We headed out on the Rainforest Walk (longest boardwalk in the Southern Hemisphere!)

The weather was perfect (especially for a Rainforest)

Lots of walking and hiking today!

Spectacular perspectives from the forest floor!

This tree was hollowed out by lightning

Checking out the old miner's cabin

Orphan rock seen through the Cableway windows on our ascent back up to the top